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Avocado - Esther Semi Dwarf

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A semi dwarf avocado variety which is ideal for the home gardener with limited space. Esther produces avocados that are larger than Hass, round-oval shape, that are creamy, buttery and have a good flavour. These avocados also store well. The Esther Avocado is a very heavy producer once established, the most prolific of all the varieties we offer. When fully grown, Esther reaches about 4 meters high, and 3 meters wide, but can be kept smaller by light pruning after fruit harvest

Fruit ripens March to August, which is the season when Hass has finished and avocados become expensive in the supermarket.

Our trees are grafted and will begin flowering in spring. Esther is an A flowering type, but we have found that even when they are planted alone, they still produce massive crops, making this an ideal variety if you only want 1 avocado tree. Planting a B variety nearby does help with pollination but is not necessary.

Avocado trees are generally easy to care for, but here are a few tips to help ensure your tree thrives:

  1. Plant your tree in well-draining soil in a sunny location. Protect from wind and frost when young.

  2. Water your tree regularly, but be careful not to over-water. Avocado trees prefer to be kept evenly moist, but not waterlogged. If planting in a clay soil, it is important to either create a mound, or build a raised planter box to plant your tree into. This helps keep the sensitive feeder roots out of the wet zone.

  3. Fertilise your tree with a balanced fertiliser twice a year, once in the spring and once in the summer.

  4. Prune your tree regularly to remove any dead or damaged branches, and to shape the tree to promote good fruit production.

  5. Avocado trees love mulch! Mulching around your tree helps regulate moisture, keep weeds away, breaks down into food for the tree, and creates a very healthy balance of good bacteria and fungi, closer to their natural habitat.
Avocado - Esther Semi Dwarf - flyingdragonnursery

Customer Reviews

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Michael Rouse,
1st Class Product and Service

Avocado tree arrived in Hawkes Bay in a few days. Very well packed and the tree is in excellent condition. Plenty of leaves and several flower bud clusters. Very pleased

wilhelmus keeman

Love the trees and great service arrived in great condition thanks

Excellent Service

I can only review the service and quality of trees received at this stage as will be a year or two before we see how the Esther Avos settle in. Flying Dragon Nursery was fantastic to deal with, answering any questions we had. The trees arrived in exellent condition and were well packaged. We wouldn't hesitate to buy from these guys again. Thanks so much for your great service!

Aaron Park
Strong healthy tree

The tree came in great condition, with a few strong lateral branches as well as being of decent height. The root ball was also very well established and the graft looks strong. The packaging was done very well to minimize space taken but preserved the lateral branches of the tree. Impressed with the quality and health of the tree and would not hesitate to buy again :)

Esther avo

Tree arrived well packaged and in excellent condition 👍👍👍