Flying Dragon (Dwarf) Vs Trifoliata (Standard)

Flying Dragon (Dwarf)

The Flying Dragon is a unique citrus rootstock that transforms ordinary citrus trees into miniature versions of themselves, while still yielding an abundant harvest. Its origin dates back to ancient Japan where it has been treasured for centuries. The magic of the Flying Dragon lies in its ability to restrict the size of the tree without compromising the size of the fruit. With the Flying Dragon, a typical 3-5 meter tall and 3-4 meter wide citrus tree becomes a compact 1.5-2 meter beauty. Our nursery proudly introduced this rootstock to New Zealand, making gardening in small spaces, balconies, and courtyards a reality. Don't let limited space stop you from growing your own juicy citrus. Embrace the power of the Flying Dragon.

Trifoliata (Standard)

Trifoliata rootstock is a relatively vigorous rootstock and can result in a citrus tree with a mature height of up to 3- 6 meter. However, the exact height of the tree will depend on factors such as the specific cultivar grafted onto the rootstock, growing conditions, and pruning practices. It's important to note that while the trifoliata rootstock can provide a strong and healthy root system, the overall size and shape of the tree will be largely determined by the cultivar grafted onto it.