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Avocado - Mexicola - Cold hardy - flyingdragonnursery
Avocado - Mexicola - Cold hardy - flyingdragonnursery

Avocado - Mexicola - Cold hardy

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This is a very unique and interesting avocado variety, which produces shiny black skinned fruit, with a bright yellow and green flesh. The skin is very thin and edible, and they can be eaten like an apple. These avocados are smaller than Hass, and are great for those who tend to throw away half an avocado due to not eating it all in one sitting.

The Mexicola tree is fast growing, and is one of the most frost tolerant varieties in the country, and is suitable for growing in coastal conditions.

Our trees are grafted and will begin flowering in spring. Mexicola is an A flowering type, and although avocado trees in our climate are self fertile, they do produce more fruit if 2 are planted near each other with opposing flower types. In this case, best planted with a Fuerte, Bacon, Hashimoto, or Zutano.

Avocado trees are generally easy to care for, but here are a few tips to help ensure your tree thrives:

  1. Plant your tree in well-draining soil in a sunny location. Protect from wind and frost when young.

  2. Water your tree regularly, but be careful not to over-water. Avocado trees prefer to be kept evenly moist, but not waterlogged. If planting in a clay soil, it is important to either create a mound, or build a raised planter box to plant your tree into. This helps keep the sensitive feeder roots out of the wet zone.

  3. Fertilise your tree with a balanced fertiliser twice a year, once in the spring and once in the summer.

  4. Prune your tree regularly to remove any dead or damaged branches, and to shape the tree to promote good fruit production.

  5. Avocado trees love mulch! Mulching around your tree helps regulate moisture, keep weeds away, breaks down into food for the tree, and creates a very healthy balance of good bacteria and fungi, closer to their natural habitat.
Avocado - Mexicola - Cold hardy - flyingdragonnursery
Avocado - Mexicola - Cold hardy - flyingdragonnursery

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Diana Larsen
Healthy avocado tree on arrival

Arrived in good condition. Well packed and a healthy looking avocado tree.

Excellent quality plant and packaging.

I have had bad experiences buying avocado plants from local nursery. This plant was extraordinarily healthy and well packaged. Been in the ground for a week and starting to grow.

For all avocado growers do some research in what medium to grow in. Gary Matsuoka has some good info on best growing 'soil' composition.

You can buy cheaper plants than flying dragon but the quality of the plant I bought is so outstanding I couldnt recommend them more.

Given their variety I will be buying again. Thanls Mark

Adam Matich
Good to go

Turned up in a couple of days.
A nice healthy tree.
I can't wait for it to fruit.

Karuna Douglas
Beautiful healthy tree

I bought a number of plants online from Flying Dragon and went to the nursery and picked them up. All of the plants exceeded my mother's expectations. :) And if my mum is happy, then I'm happy. Flying Dragon is my go-to nursery from now on! :)

caroline morgan
Very happy

Packaged well and arrived safe. Very healthy looking plants.